Ways in Foot Care

Our feet can walk about 100 000 miles in a lifetime. It is necessary to take care of them for our journey in this earth.

Here’s the list of caring a feet

  1. Check your feet daily for cuts, blister, bruises, colour changes, swelling, ingrown toenails, and     open sores. Use a mirror or tale someone’s help if required.
  2. Always protect your feet. Wear appropriate footwear, inside or outside. Pricking your feet can cause serious wounds.
  3. Before wearing shoes check inside for stones, pebbles, or any other sharp objects.
  4. Wear socks with shoes. Make sure they are not tight.
  5. Wash socks daily; make sure they have no holes. Never wear knee-highs.
  6. Buy new shoes at the end of the day. That’s when your feet swell. Make sure the shoes are not too tight and fit well.
  7. If you have to remove your shoes, like at religious places, visit the place early morning or late in the evening. Hot ground can blister your feet.
  8. Always wash your feet with soap and water them. Especially between the toes.
  9. Dry them carefully after you wash them. Especially between the toes.
  10. Use lotion/oil to keep skin soap.
  11. Cut toenails straight across and file the sharp edges.
  12. Have your feet checked periodically by the doctor
  13. Keep wounds covered with a clean dressing.


  1. Don’t go barefoot anytime, outside or inside
  2. Don’t wear tight or torn shoes or shoes with rough and uneven seams.
  3. Avoid shoes with narrow toe box, high heels, stilettos or footwear that have straps with no back support.
  4. Don’t wear tight socks or knee-highs
  5. Don’t use hot water to wash your feet.
  6. Don’t let your feet dry and get cracked.
  7. Don’t use a heater or hot water bottle to warm your feet.
  8. Don’t use corn medicines or blades.
  9. Don’t smoke or use tobacco products.


  1. Your foot becomes painful.
  2. Your foot becomes noticeably red or develops any discolouration.
  3. A part or whole of the foot becomes unusually hot.
  4. There is discharge of any kind from the foot.
  5. Your feet smell bad.
  6. Your feet have an open sore or blister.
  7. Your feet generally unwell with nausea and high temperature.
  8. You have unusual difficulty keeping blood sugar levels under control.

Source: Novo nordisk


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