Sleep for Your Heart

Lack of sleep leaves more damage than tempers left to flare-ready mode, they also wears the heart out, raising the levels of the possibility of a heart disease and death.
A new study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine revealed added evidence linking insufficient sleep and heart problems. The neurological and behavioral effects of long-term sleep loss have been long documented, ranging from lowered concentration and hand-eye coordination to poor mood. It was found that spending inadequate time under the sheets, even for about just five nights significantly stress the heart.
39 volunteers were tested for their cardiac functions twice- once, after a 10-hour sleep at the beginning of the study and again after five days when the nightly shut-eye was reduced to four hours. Electrocardiogram results showed faster heartbeats for all the volunteers and significant decrease in heart-rate variability following the nights of deprived sleep.
The reduced variability has been associated with high blood pressure and can be a marker for cardiac problems and other diseases. Heart-rate variability illustrates the naturally-occurring beat-to-beat changes in heart rate, which reflects the body’s adjustments to response and stimuli. The findings suggest that sleep deprivation heightens the risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality.
Previous researches have shown that shift workers are at a higher risk of heart disease because of the disruption in their circadian or sleep-wake rhythms.
On the other hand, extra sleep improves energy and mood as suggested by another study which tracked six men on the Stanford University basketball team

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